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Sudden hearing loss video launch

It’s finally here! After lots of work and dedication from ourselves and our good friends at Aston Hearing Services, we have created a fantastic new video resource on sudden hearing loss.

The subtitled video aims to explain the six steps that you should take if you, or someone you know, experiences a sudden reduction in hearing.

As the name suggests, sudden hearing loss is a sudden drop in hearing within 3 days (72 hours or less). Some people notice a ‘pop’ before their hearing drops, or it can deteriorate noticeably and very quickly. It is not uncommon to wake up to the condition.

Aston Hearing Services

We’re delighted to have worked in partnership with Aston Hearing to raise awareness of this condition . We hope the new video will offer individuals, their loved ones and healthcare professional more understanding on this subject.

“Aston Hearing have been working hard to raise awareness of Sudden Hearing Loss within our local community and to fellow professionals.

We are delighted to be working with Hearing Link Services to amplify the message of recognising the symptoms of this condition, the value of early intervention and the importance of collaboration of hearing healthcare within the wider medical community.”

Duncan Collet-Fenson, General Manager & Audiologist at Aston Hearing. 

Noticing a sudden change in your hearing

If you notice a sudden dip in your hearing level, seek urgent medical care from a hospital A&E, and ask to see an ENT specialist.

Sudden hearing loss is a serious condition that can affect anyone of any age regardless of any previous hearing issues. Please treat this as a medical emergency.  Watch our video or follow the steps below:

flowchart style infographic on steps to take if one suddenly loses hearing

If you’ve found yourself dealing with sudden hearing loss, or maybe you know someone who has, please contact our Helpdesk. We can put you in touch with a specially trained volunteer who will understand what you are going through.

All of our Helpdesk Responders have lived or professional experience of hearing loss. They are ready to offer information, guidance, and support to help you take your next step.

Get in touch by calling 01844 348111, emailing or filling out our webform.

To watch our new video and our other self-help videos, click here.