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Give your views on new protocols for meetings and events

Volunteers_ProtocolsForMeetingsNew protocols have been written up with the aim of making meetings and events more accessible and inclusive to people with hearing loss.

These have evolved from survey work that identified that people with hearing loss are experiencing widespread and significant difficulties in hearing and following things, and that this is often not connected with their actual hearing ability but with the way the meeting/event is set up and run.  This is having a marked impact on participation, satisfaction and attendance.

The protocols have been developed by Ideas for Ears, a Scotland-based organisation led by people with hearing loss.  Additional guidance has also been created to support the adoption and implementation of the protocols.

Consultation of the protocols and guidance is now underway.  Although developed in Scotland, it is intended that adoption of the protocols would be UK-wide.

You can review the protocols at

The consultation period closes on Sunday, 15 April 2018.