Helpful Hours webinar goes live

We have a new service! The Charity’s first Helpful Hours webinar – the first in a series of four dates – went live this month!  

After months of weekly meetings, developing, fine tuning and two in-person sessions, peer support volunteers Julia and Sylvia expertly took charge of a group of 15 attendees and led them through the five stages of the hour: 

  • Preparing for your appointment – Approaching the appointment with the right mindset can make all the difference
  • Planning for your appointment – Simple strategies to keep the appointment on track for you and your audiologist
  • What to expect – Navigate the language and procedure of a hearing test
  • Choices to make – Your hearing aids, additional devices and technology
  • Post-appointment – What’s next, what to expect and what to accept.

Some great feedback already in from the participants giving an average 4**** rating out of 5 on the service and also volunteer’s knowledge of the subject…👍 

Direct comments include: 

“I will attend [my next appointment] with a clearer idea of what to say”  

“I will be more informed, will especially ask for a copy of my audiogram” 

One professional in the sector wrote:

“I have to say I thought it was excellent. Very well presented, to the point, easy to understand and the use of personal experiences and giving examples was great. We are forever advising people to go back to audiology when they have issues but now I understand things much better. More helpful hours please”. 

👏👏👏 all round to everyone involved. Special mention to the brilliant Craig on our web team for  supporting behind the scenes on all the technical aspects. 

You can recommend this service with confidence (80% of attendees would as well) and please share the link as much as you can for the remaining sessions or if you would like to receive flyers to promote this service please get in touch. If you haven’t attended yet, do consider signing up soon.