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Sensory needs assessment – Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership (EHSCP) is looking for the views of adults with sensory impairments (hearing and/or vision) and their carers living in Edinburgh.

These will be used to shape new Health and Social Care services, and help to guide the implementation of the Scottish Government’s See Hear strategy in the city.

EHSCP will put in place a new contract for supporting adults with sensory impairments in October 2020 and it wants to better understand the needs of people so that the new contract will meet those needs. They are also interested in the wider needs and views of people with sensory impairments to help with the implementation of the Scottish Government strategy for sensory impairment, See Hear.

To share your views and complete the questionnaire online, click here.  For further information about the survey, visit the EHSCP website.

The survey is open for the next six weeks.