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MED-EL offers music grant to hearing implant users

Hearing implant company MED-EL is offering the chance for hearing implant users to learn to play a musical instrument or to take up singing lessons.

The annual music grant will provide two lucky MED-EL hearing implant users the chance to own and learn to play a musical instrument of their choice or take up singing lessons for a year.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a musical beginner or already have some experience, all we ask is that you have the
commitment, enthusiasm and motivation.

One applicant will be chosen from each of the following age groups: under 19’s and over 19’s.

Winners will receive:
• A musical instrument of their choice up to the value of £500 (not applicable for singing lessons)
• One 30-minute lesson (instrument or singing) per week for one year which will commence in September
• A £30 allowance for sheet music

The deadline for applications is 29th July 2019 and winners will be announced by 16th August 2019.

Visit for an online application form. Alternatively, please contact MED-EL UK
marketing team on Freephone 0330 123 5601 or email