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Beneficiaries share their experiences of hearing loss

Hearing Link volunteers and staff in Northern Ireland have been sharing their emotional hearing loss journeys in a new video.

A number of programme beneficiaries, volunteers and staff members were interviewed for the production, sharing the impact that our support has had on their lives.

Interviewees were asked about their feelings, before receiving our specialist support, and how their lives changed after accessing our services.

It is hoped the video will encourage more people throughout Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, who may be struggling to live with hearing loss, to reach out for our support.

Project Manager Nuala Muldoon said: “This new video will be a very valuable tool to demonstrate the impact of our support to our funders in Northern Ireland, and across the UK, while raising awareness of our peer-led services.

“Thank you to everyone who took part by giving up their time to be interviewed for the video. It was very emotional to listen to their hearing journeys and the isolation and depression they faced as a result of hearing loss. I have no doubt that many other people will identify with these stories and feel encouraged to contact us for support.”

The video is available to view on our YouTube channel:

Hearing Link’s work in Northern Ireland is funded by the Big Lottery’s Community Fund.