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Brits fear life without sound

Comfort sounds research by AmplifonHearing care provider Amplifon has found that Brits fear a life without sound.

Almost 70% of those polled as part of the provider’s Comfort Sounds campaign, confessed that life would be lonely without sound.

Comfort Sounds explores how hearing the world around you helps people to connect with everyday life. Participants were asked to reveal their most comforting sounds as well as those they found to be annoying.

The survey also found that over half of those who took part believed life without sound would be scary.  Other results from the poll revealed that:

• Over a quarter of Brits fear losing their hearing in later life
• ¾ of over 55s are the age group which considered like without sound to be lonely the most.
• And those aged 18 – 24 age were most fearful of losing their hearing

To find out the full results of the research visit Amplifon’s website.