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Research study on use of Roger devices at work – participants wanted!

Culture Clinic is currently running a research study on the use of the Roger devices (Pen/Select/Table Mic) specifically at work.

They want to learn about current usage experience and any challenges people may be facing and as such are looking for potential participants who would like to share their stories so that effective improvements can be made.

There are three different ways that you can get involved, however participants can only take part in a maximum of two ways, depending on their area of interest.

They ways you can get involved include:

  1. Online Diary Study: A simple online diary to get people to reflect on their usage of the wireless mics at work. Those who have taken part in this ‘remote’ activity have enjoyed it in the past, as you can be flexible and it connects you with other users for text discussions. This will run from 24th -30th April and will involve approximately 10-15 minutes of engagement per day. As a thank you for your time, we can offer £60 (direct transfer/pay pal or donation to charity).
  2. One-One in Context Interview: We are hoping to be able to visit someone at work to see their setup in context, to be able to see some of the devices being used live (if appropriate) and to have a discussion around different aspects of using them at work. This will take approximately 1 hour and would ideally take place 16th/17th May, and be within a few hours reach of London. As a thank you for your time, we can offer £100 on the day.
  3. Discovery Workshop: Chance for discussion, sharing and thinking through different scenarios and using ‘the workshop’ (small meeting) as one of those. The workshop will take 1.5 hours and will be held in London on Saturday 18th May. As a thank you for your time, we can offer £100 on the day.

Participants are only able to get involved in the following combinations of activites:

  • Just Activity 1
  • Activity 1 + Activity 2
  • Activity 1 + Activity 3

To register your interest in this research project, please contact by expressing which activities you would like to participate in. If possible, please also share what type of work that you do and the devices you currently use. Information and reminders will be sent to all participants in the run up to their chosen activity or activities.