Views sought on fireworks at Parliament event – London

FireworksThe House of Commons Petitions Committee is hosting an event Tuesday 2nd July to gather people’s views on fireworks. The Committee recently launched an inquiry into how the noise of fireworks affect people with a wide range of health conditions and disabilities including hearing loss. Hundreds of people have signed petitions calling for a ban […]

Blog: Attitudes to hearing loss in the construction industry

A blog by Hearing Link volunteer, Bob Gowen I’d like to write about attitudes in the construction sector to people who are deaf. As an electrical contractor I have spent a lot of time working on building sites, and here are a few of my experiences. I gradually lost my hearing from my early forties. […]

Noisy restaurants driving diners away

More and more people are avoiding restaurants because they are becoming too loud, according to new research. Minimalist interiors and loud music are contributing to more people choosing to avoid eating out. A recent study carried out by hearing loss charity Action on Hearing Loss, found that 90% of people with hearing difficulties felt background noise was […]